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Here I am once again in all my cellulite and (newfound) fat rolls. It’s been an odd six months since I stopped working out regularly and just thinking about the gym is tiring me out. I have lost 99% of the muscle tone in my legs and that sundress I bought from Zara in the Winter? Y’know, the one I waited four miserably cold months to wear? Yea, it doesn’t fit. In fact, half my closet doesn’t fit. Anyway, enough with the bickering – out of no one’s fault but my own, here I am starting from scratch.

They say that fitness is 80% diet and 20% exercise and while I may not completely agree with that exact ratio, I’ve decided to start things off by documenting most of what I eat – which is what today’s post is about.

The obvious reason that points to my brand new muffin top is the fact that my diet is made up of absolute garbage. I’m talking McDonald’s for brunch; Chinese take out for dinner and a scoop or two of ice cream thrown in to the middle for good measure.

What now?

Well, cleaning up this whole food situation only seems like the best and most obvious place to begin.

Ensuing from this decision, I have promised myself that: I will eat at least two home cooked meals a day.  

Why home cooked?

Yael Cohen, CEO and founder of F Cancer, presents another interesting spin on the 80:20 ratio with respect to food and meal moderation in her article “Moderation Not Deprivation: Why You Should Eat That Cookie. According to her, if you eat clean, healthy food 80% of the time, you can feel free to destroy those cookies the remaining 20% of the time. Seriously, go ahead and demolish them… BUT she adds that if you’re going to eat any junk, let it be homemade. Anything that takes too long to expire or comes in cans/plastic wrapping/tin foil etc. has a good chance of being loaded with preservatives. It’s much better to just make your own Big Mac and decadent Subway cookies!

Speaking of home cooked, I know a lot of conventionally ‘healthy’ people, when cooking, substitute everything they can for its healthier alternative, however; I’ve realized from past (failed) endeavors that over-substituting just intensifies my cravings by tenfold. Instead of turning all Hitler on my diet, I’m going to take baby steps and gradually straighten out my eating habits. Having said that, don’t be alarmed if my meals don’t all instantly look gorgeous, green and grilled.

Meals – 26/05/14


photo 1

2 large eggs

 2 large mushrooms (finely sliced)

Pinch of salt

Parmesan (dusted on top once cooked)

1 slice white bread 


photo 2-002

For the patty:

Extra lean minced chicken

Salt to taste

Pepper to taste

Chilli flakes 

A couple of drops of Worcestershire sauce 

(Mix all of the ingredients together, roll the meat up into ball and flatten using your palm until the burger is the size you prefer. Pop in the oven for 25 minutes at 350°F, flipping the patty just once at the 10 minute mark)

Miscellaneous ingredients:

 What you put between your burger bun is entirely up to you and what suits your fancy. I’m extremely picky with veggies so this time I stuck with sliced mushrooms (fried in 1/2 tsp butter) and a slice of marble cheese. 

Click here for a much more intricate alternative to the burgers I made (yea, I’m lazy, sue me!)

That’s all for meals.

Listen, like I mentioned before, don’t give me judgy eyes because my meals aren’t gloriously green. I’m still learning the meaning of ‘moderation is key’, the bread and butter of every fitness enthusiast. As long as I begin fitting into my clothes sometime in the near future, I think I’m good.

If you’re on a fitness journey of your own or if I was able to spark some kind of reaction in you, let me know – hit me up with a comment or click ‘like’ – it would mean the world to me.

Make sure to stop by next week for the scoop on the workout I love to hate – interval training.

Thanks for reading :)

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