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Hello there!

As I mentioned I would be in my last post, this week I tried my hand at the infamous green smoothie in a mason jar (doesn’t get any more hipster than this, does it?)

To prep for the affair, I spent an inordinate amount of time at Walmart, grabbing everything green that I could get my hands and then dunked it all into my Magic Bullet to make… drumroll please… a green smoothie!

First, I’ll cut to the chase and give you what you came here for: the recipe for my smoothie. Next, I’ll explain exactly why this leafy concoction is oh-so-good for you. Just a reminder that this is my first time making a smoothie only partially based off of a recipe. The rest is based on my HORRIBLE instincts. I’m kidding, they’re not that bad! My point being that there was a little trial and error involved so if any of you do try it and make some tweaks that were super interesting – let me know. I promise you, though, it was DELISH! (and that’s not just my opinion) :)

Okay, are ya ready? I present to you the…

Celery Me Crazy:

photo 2

You will need:

– 2 – 3 celery stalks

– 2 tbsp honey

– ½ green apple (chopped)

– 6 baby carrots (shredded)

– 1 handful of spinach

– 2 small kiwis (chopped and peeled)

– 1 lemon (squeezed)

– Ginger (shredded)*

– Water*

photo 1


It’s pretty simple, really. Toss all the ingredients into your blender, saving water for last. Be sure not to overfill your jar with too many ingredients or, like me, you will end up with a ruined t-shirt and a mucky floor. Yea, yea… sometimes, I’m semi-domestically challenged. Whatever will my future husband say!? 


* – Two things I wanted to point out with regards to the ingredients were ginger and water. The amount of ginger you put in your smoothie is really your prerogative. If you want to avoid it, by all means, do so. I just really enjoy how it spices up my drinks. Then again, I do have friends who have called me batsh*t crazy for how much ginger I get in my Freshly Squeezed juice. Oops?

With water, it’s hard for me to remember precisely how many cups I poured into the blender, but because the celery, apple and carrots can give the drink quite a fiber-y texture, it will become quite obvious when you’ve got the right amount of water in there. Just remember to keep tasting as you blend the ingredients in together and you’re good to go.

Green goodness:

And finally… why should you be drinking this green goop I came up with? Weeeell, apart from it being 100% fruits and vegetables, here’s why…

  • Antioxidants: Save for honey and ginger, everything in this blended beverage is packed with antioxidants. When consumed in moderation and in their varied naturally occurring form, antioxidants are known to help combat age-related and degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease and cancer among others.
  • No artificial sweeteners: The only sweetener used in this smoothie is honey. While I admit, for lack of time, to using commercial honey that is known to be less honey and more crap, I strongly encourage you to go out of your way and buy some good, wholesome raw honey. It is an awesome substitute for otherwise refined sugar that is loaded with toxic, unnecessary calories.
  • Combat asthma: Apples and kiwifruit have proven to be super duper helpful in fighting asthma and asthma related symptoms like wheezing according to studies in Italy. This is most likely due to the cardiovascular and antioxidant benefits that the two fruits embody.
  • And so much more… I could sit here bending your ear about why fruits and vegetables are good for you all day long but the bottom line is they’re healthier than most things you would have consumed today. So go on and give it a try!

Next up on the blog: I’ve devised a bit of a challenge for myself for whatever’s left of the Summer. Stick around to find out what the challenge is and see if you would like to take it up yourself.

This time, more than ever, your feedback on the Celery Me Crazy would mean everything to me. I would love to try any edits or suggestions you have for the smoothie.

Thanks for stopping by, stay awesome!

Photo credit:

  • All images used in today’s post were taken by me.



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