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Photo: Hyatt Regency, Dubai, U.A.E

Disclaimer: This post isn’t fitness related. In fact, it’s probably useful to mention at this point that although I intend on writing this blog on a long term basis, I started it for a course at university that required me to narrow down the focus of my content for ease of general course thingamajigs. Apart from documenting my relentless struggle to shed some pounds and get healthy, I’ll also use this blog as my journal, travel diary (since I’ll be travelling for a good half of 2014) and for other shenanigans.

Anyway, today’s post is just a general round up of my trip back home so far and the resulting contemplations.


Somedays I feel like the biggest misanthrope in the World. I can spend 11 hours (from the time I wake up) in bed without showering or eating… just compulsively reblogging puppies, kitten and hipster chicks on Tumblr.

Other days, I’m a selective misanthrope (is there another word for that?) I can tolerate up to five people in a day, and anything beyond that will cause me to shut off completely. This is me on most days… I thrive in small social settings.

And then there’s days (like last Thursday) where I crave conversation and different company every five minutes. This is pretty rare for me but it felt so good seeing, embracing and catching up with familiar faces that I had more than programs and courses in common with (even if I’d barely known some of these ex-schoolmates). It’s days like that that hit me right in the sweet spot. I get gross and nostalgic and actually miss high school (WTF, right?) I guess it has a lot to do with familiarity and having a longer shared past… it’s comforting. I don’t feel like I need to get used to being alone (aka become “independent”) when I’m back here. I don’t feel the need to fake a laugh at semi-funny things.

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Of course, another ginormous factor that adds to the comfort factor is my family and my dogs. I, for a fact, know that a lot of people don’t understand the extent to which my dogs literally complete my life. They’re right up there at #1 with my Mum, Dad, and brother on the scale of important things in life.

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That’s really all… if you’ve read this far, thanks! :)

See you next time, stay awesome!


About Karuna Israni

Going into my third year at UofT, aspiring writer, desperately trying to get back into shape, traveller, amateur photographer (aka iPhone owner/ Instagram account holder)
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