I’ve recently become obsessed with YouTube and have begun following a community of young YouTubers that vlog and record themed videos, video challenges etc. A common video that most of them have uploaded is a documentation of their morning/daily routine. What really surprised me is that most of these 20-somethings start their days between 7 – 9 a.m. What the heck?! My average day starts at noon. And today? I woke up at 2.30 p.m. *facepalm*

Do bear in mind that they are all employed and an easy 2 – 3 years older than me, whereas I am still a student, unemployed and on vacation. Then again, I feel like I’ve just fed you some hopeless justification for my laziness.

My point is that I really need to change things up because…

  • My sleeping schedule is whack.
  • I sometimes don’t leave bed for two hours after I’ve woken up.
  • I live in my bed.
  • This is not how I imagined myself “getting back on the path to fitness”.

Some of you are probably going to say, ‘Well, if you wan’t to change things up, why don’t you just set an alarm (or 10) and just start waking up earlier?!’


The last time I regularly woke up early was in high school, almost two and a half years ago. Even alarms have stopped working on me and I’m so ashamed of that. As a long time acne sufferer and general sickly human being, I have been told time and time again how important sleeping at the right time and for the right amount of hours is. And I still haven’t learnt.

So that’s why I’m writing this post today, I’m devising a new schedule for myself. A logical, well-thought out daily schedule/routine/regime. Is regime even the right word in this context? I don’t know, but you get my drift.


Since I woke up at 2.30 p.m. today, I’m probably going to have to knock myself out with some sort of cold medication to get to sleep at an earthly hour but my general aim for the days to come is to….

  1. Wake up at 9:00 a.m.
  2. Actually, physically get out of (and stay out of) bed by 9.30 a.m.
  3. Clean up and eat a healthy breakfast right away.
  4. Work out BEFORE noon. (this is going to be toughest one to stick to, I’m a sucker for late night workouts which are easier to skip)
  5. Shower right after.
  6. Read. I used to read so much a couple of years ago… and now I have the attention span of a peanut and it’s so frustrating. I need to catch up on all the books I splurged on and NEVER ended up reading.
  7. Write. No, I’m not just listing out simple verbs as part of my daily routine. In addition to blogging, in order to make constructive use of my time I hope to get involved with some online publications and contribute to the general realm of information available.
  8. Stay out of bed all day, don’t get sucked back in. Socialize, converse, cook, redecorate, walk the dogs… whatever.
  9. Get to bed between 11:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m.
  10. Actually sleep between these ^^ times.

Now, this is just a general list of things I hope to change up in my general routine. Some of these might seem painfully stupid and basic to you, but these are changes I want to make to better myself, so there’s that.

Anyone want to tell me about their daily routines? Are they similar to what I want to do/drastically different? Let me know in the comments, or hit me up with a like to keep me encouraged! :)

Next up… I allowed myself to eat meat this week and it went horribly wrong. Come back soon if you want to read more about it!

Thanks for stopping by, stay awesome! xo


About Karuna Israni

Going into my third year at UofT, aspiring writer, desperately trying to get back into shape, traveller, amateur photographer (aka iPhone owner/ Instagram account holder)
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