Checking in: Post-workout snack



I was feeling pretty drained after my workout today, but didn’t want to go overboard with anything heavy since I’m  seeing a movie today and am likely munch on some POPCORN. I settled on the last remaining scraps of my container of Rachel’s organic set natural Greek yogurt, whole unsalted almonds, and Twinning’s mint green tea w/ a quarter tea spoon of honey.

Workout update: As much as I hate cardio, I’ve been doing a LOT of it of late (woot!) My parents recently invested in an elliptical machine, and I’ve found that watching TV while I sweat it out helps pass the time really easily. I usually just turn on a movie and watch an hour of it while working out and the rest after. Today, I watched Dan In Real Life. Who doesn’t love an adorable, lovestruck Steve Carrell? :)



Anyway, that’s all from me. Hope you’re having a wonderful Monday!

Thanks for reading, stay awesome! xo


About Karuna Israni

Going into my third year at UofT, aspiring writer, desperately trying to get back into shape, traveller, amateur photographer (aka iPhone owner/ Instagram account holder)
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