Back at it

imagePhoto: Breakfast at Paul Cafe.

Jee whiz, it has been AGES!

A visit from my cousin, a family emergency, a rushed trip to Mumbai, an engagement and two absolutely exhausting weeks later, I have finally been able to think clearly enough that I can get back to my blog.

This is just going to be sort of a peak-into-things-to-come post – very brief. 

First, my eating habits recently have been out of whack because I had a lot of family visiting, as a result of which we ate out all the time. My will power was really put to the test and it FAILED miserably. There was a lot of “Ooh, let me try some of this… and some of that… and some of everything“. Fail, fail, fail.

Anyhow, I learnt my lesson as I now have spotty skin from eating meat on and off. It’s time for me to cleanse my system… starting with drinking lots of water and fresh blended juices, and most importantly remembering to keep my diet meat-free.

Second, since I had family staying with me, it was really easy to put off working out and forget about it altogether. I also travelled to India very hurriedly because of a family emergency and was unable to even think of being healthy or active or anything of the sort.

All in all, it was a sad two weeks for healthy me but I’m not going to let that throw me off. Tomorrow, I’m getting right back on the elliptical as soon as I’m up and I’m going to try and stay on my feet as much as possible. Also, my mum and I will be trying our hands at vegetarian lasagne tomorrow. Look out for a post on that very soon, definitely before the end of the week!

I’m trying to think of ways to diversify what I write about since I’ve been feeling a little restricted of late. If anyone has any ideas on what I could potentially touch up on, fitness related or not, please drop me a comment, I could use all the help and inspiration.

Thanks for sticking around, stay awesome! xo


About Karuna Israni

Going into my third year at UofT, aspiring writer, desperately trying to get back into shape, traveller, amateur photographer (aka iPhone owner/ Instagram account holder)
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